Comment Of The Day: Excellent Photo Tip Edition

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Screenshot: AMMO NYC

I’m mostly just okay at taking pictures of cars with a camera. I have two DSLRs and I’ve learned how to do about an eighth of what they are capable of. For the most part, I use the “spray and pray” method of getting a good shot, where I take thousands of pictures and hope 1% of them will be fine.


When I see a good photo tip, I get a little warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Someone has imparted their wisdom with the world in an effort to make all photographers, and by extension photographs, just a little bit better.

BuffDrinklot’s tip doesn’t necessarily make you a better photographer, but it sets you up for an opportunity to quickly and inexpensively learn to be a better photographer.

A small scale model is easy to move around, and it’s far easier to move light around in your house than it is to reposition a car to get the lighting right. If you know how to relate your small scale cars to light, and how it’ll change your photo, you’ll be quicker about setting up a real car for a similarly angled photo.

Make sure you play around with different times of day, and obscured light versus direct light. It’s fascinating how different two photos can be just a few minutes apart as the sun is setting.


Anyway, congratulations on your COTD victory, BuffDrinklot. May your photos always be perfectly lit.

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Holy hell, this made my entire day. I hope others find it useful.

I guess this is my cue to show off a few of my shots!

I really need to make friends with people who own actual, real, full-size cool cars.