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Is there really anything better than the open road? Sure, flying can get you from point A to point B in a handful of hours, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about turning your travel into another great part of your trip.


Well, folks, now’s your chance to brag. I want to hear about your road trips. I want to hear about all the cool stuff you got to see on your way, about the distances you traveled, about spontaneity and strict planning and whatever else you’ve got for me. It doesn’t have to be Jack Kerouac quality—but I know some of you out there have done some amazing drives behind the wheel. And I want ideas.

As a race car fiend who also hates flying, I’ve done my fair share of stupid road trips trying to get to the track. Possibly the most impressive (or stupid, depending on how you look at it) was driving from Texas to Watkins Glen International. I wiped out the last eighteen hours of that trip in a single go, stopping for a nap exactly once. It was not impressive in the sense that I got to see so many wonderful things. I spent ten hours driving in the exact same storm system that followed me through the entirety of Tennessee, and I somehow managed to meet my destination just as nightfall hit—which was good, because my eyes had decided to give up the ghost.

Impressive? Only in terms of testing the sheer willpower of man. It makes for a great comeback when my boyfriend complains about driving nine hours to see me from Toronto. It was also a great way to learn I never wanted to ever do anything like that again… until I did it again when I moved from Texas to Philly.

But I know there are going to be plenty of y’all out there with actual, cool, impressive, and fun stories. Let’s hear ‘em!

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