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What Car Was Your First Love?

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Photo: Ramon Espinosa (AP)
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Some of us will have a moment where the scope of our lives changes in just a brief moment, and we might not realize it until long after the time has passed. And I know some of y’all know there was a car that just Changed Things.


It doesn’t have to be a drastic, sudden change—but I know some of us wonderful people out there have fallen head over heels in love with a car, and from there on out we were car fiends. I know I fell in love with my dad’s 1970 Barracuda before I even knew how to talk. He’d pop me in a bouncy chair, and he would set to work tearing it apart and piecing it back together. It’s the warm, fuzzy nostalgia of the car world that dragged me back when I inherited a 1989 Grand Prix Turbo as my first car and was willing to ignore the fact that literally everything was broken just so I could drive something cool.

What cars drew you guys in? I want to know the models you put together and fell in love with. I want to know the pride of fixing a shitty first car. I want to know what your kiddo eyes couldn’t look away from at the car show. Lay ‘em on me, folks.

Weekends at Jalopnik. Managing editor at A Girl's Guide to Cars. Lead IndyCar writer and assistant editor at Frontstretch. Novelist. Motorsport fanatic.

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Sorry for such a non Jalopnik choice but I’ve loved Corvettes since before I can remember. Since I was born in the 70's I have always had a fondness for the C3.