Here's A Closer Look At That Crazy Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck

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Screenshot: NewMotoring (YouTube)

Yesterday was a special day because yesterday, we learned about the amazing Honda Civic Type R pickup truck. Is this the truck that could save the world? All signs point to yes! Let’s take a closer look.


NewMotoring got to swoop in for a better view of the Type R pickup and did God’s work after by sharing it with all of us via a video. The pictures were great, but you can get a better sense of the thing this way. Apparently it still has a functional trunk! I don’t know why you’d need it, but it’s there anyway.

Obviously, if if if the truck were ever to make it to production, I am certain that it wouldn’t come to the U.S. Maybe it would show up in, like, Australia, where it seems like there are basically no rules. We should all move there.

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