Image Credit: AMC via SenseiAlan (Flickr)
Image Credit: AMC via SenseiAlan (Flickr)

The Jeep CJ-5 was in production from the mid 1950s all the way until the the early 1980s, and—along with the M38A1 military model on which it is based—marked the beginning of the end of Jeep’s “flat fender” era. Just look at those beautiful rounded front fenders.

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This ad is from the 1973 AMC rebrand. AMC wanted to differentiate themselves from the old man Jeep image.

Here is a fantastic dealer commercial attempting to inform salesmen on how to sell the new image. COMPLETE WITH JUMPS!

They tweaked bits here and there only to have one model year bits and pieces in the transitional years.

It makes restoring these model years difficult if you want period correct bits. Especially logo branded things like tailgates , hubcaps, and seatbelts... Very hard to find these days.

I rebuilt my carb on the 6 a few weeeks ago and am looking forward to a good shakedown cruise on the next nice free day.