Since 1981, the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association has toured America with a damn cool selection of classic racers for fans to enjoy. One big advantage of this series, aside from the stack of vintage race cars bumping and rubbing over the weekend, is the fact that the entry is as cheap as $10 per day, complete with an open paddock for fans to see the cars up close.

For the fifth year, SVRA visited Austin’s Circuit of The Americas this past weekend, bringing fans hundreds of race cars spread over a dozen classes, with something for everyone. Like mid-60s American muscle cars? They have those. Tiny British roadsters normally found broken down in your neighbors garage? You’ll see plenty of drivers race them. Retired Indy, F1, Le Mans, and CART (remember CART?) winners? Those too. If the series makes one of its stops at a track near you, I’d suggest getting your ass down there for at least one of the days.


I spent more time drooling on some of the finest vintage racing cars in the paddock and garages, but wandered out to snap pics trackside too. Here are some classic fast things. Take it all in.

Looks like a C1, but it’s really a C6 under there.
The first-gen Audi R8 race car was epic. Lots of wins there.
The classic Chip Ganassi Racing livery.
Simplify and add lightness.
Easily the coolest 356 out there.
British Racing Green Mini might be cliché, but still cool.
1934 MG J2. Wicked.
Shocks are set to whichever town you’re driving through.
He has my vote.
So much America.
The Intimidator’s ride.
The Williams FW13B. Won the Hungarian GP in 1990. Crashed on this most recent Sunday morning. Glad I got to snap it intact.
This is Dickie Stanford. He’s been around Williams and F1 for longer than I’ve been alive. One cool chap.
United Colors of...

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