What's The Most Abuse You've Heaped On A Rental Car?

You’re in a new city for work or vacation and you need some wheels to get around. Time to hit the rental desk. Time to see what will be your chariot for the next few hours or days.

Even if your rental car is a soul-sucking Nissan Versa, here’s the beauty of it: you don’t have to be as careful with it as you would with your own car. They’re meant to have the wheels driven off of them. Which means you can get more, er, adventurous with them than you normally would. After all, you’re on vacation!

Off-roading? Ditch-jumping? Beach-hooning? All three of these? How did you abuse your rental car?


And afterwards, did you wash that dirty son of a bitch?

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It wasn’t a rental, per se, but one time these kids dropped off a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California at the parking garage I worked at. I knew they were probably playing hooky from high school and it was most likely their parent’s car, so me and a buddy took it for a joy ride around the streets of Chicago. There may have been some sweet jumps involved.