Florida Man Drives Can-Am Right Into Swimming Pool Without Even Spilling His Beer

I appreciated the cameraman’s belch in this fine work of art. GIF via Dusten Smith

“Would you like for me to hold your beer?” offers a kind soul nearby. “No, I got this,” said the true, honest-to-goodness Florida Man man atop a camo-print 2013 Can-Am XMR 1000 at the bottom of the pool. This is perhaps the most majestic act of Florida Manning I’ve seen in a long time.

[Disclaimer: Jalopnik does not advise operating a motor vehicle under the influence of any substance, be it alcohol, psilocybin mushrooms or that strange growth on Jason’s face. Florida Man is within the confines of a closed course, by which we mean his own home. You probably shouldn’t try this at yours.]

A true Florida Man won’t put down his beer for any ol’ reason. Not to drive a four-wheeler through the house. Not to drive the four-wheeler into the backyard pool. However, doing backwards wheelies in the pool is a pretty good reason to set the beer down. He needs both hands for that.


The Can-Am struggles a bit to get out of the pool, but eventually gets pulled out with some help.

This isn’t the first time he’s driven his Can-Am ATV into the pool, either.

“It might leave some marks,” he remarks before getting perilously close to the house upon exiting the pool.

That time, he said it was the coolest thing he’s ever done. I mean, why not? “Why not?” is Florida Man’s raison d’être.

Lest we doubt this man’s true Floridian credentials, he did more stunts on his Can-Am while he was waiting for Hurricane Irma to show up:

Sure, he hits his own truck in the process, but VOLUSIA COUNTY WOOOO! Irma can’t pull off dank wheelies, that’s for sure.

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