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Here Is The Weirdest Shit Uber Says You've Left Behind In A Car

Photo: Getty/Toyota
Photo: Getty/Toyota

Everyone knows the feeling: You’ve dashed out of a car, unwittingly leaving your wallet or phone behind. Shit sucks! Can you imagine leaving your lobster behind? Or a cape? A Nintendo? Personally, I couldn’t. But there’s a dizzying amount of similarly weird shit on this list compiled by Uber of “unique” items left behind by passengers. Check it.


Uber calls it the Lost & Found Index, a “snapshot of our riders’ most commonly forgotten items.” Apparently there’s thousands of items left behind every week. There’s some very expected items on the list of Most Commonly Forgotten Items: phones, rings, wallets.

  1. Phone
  2. Ring
  3. Keys
  4. Wallet
  5. Glasses
  6. Purse
  7. License/ID
  8. Gloves/Glove
  9. Charger
  10. Sunglasses

Then, there’s the weird shit, which Uber politely calls “most unique” items left behind. Here’s a sample:

Lobster: Yeah, I mean, I leave lobsters behind all the time. I feel sorry for the driver who came across this one.


Valuable Nordic walking poles: They’re valuable! What were you thinking!

Wedding outfit: I hope the wedding wasn’t that day.

Bulletproof vest: “Uh, yeah, hey, I left my bulletproof vest behind. Can you meet me?”

Wooden hat: Uncomfortable to wear, I can only imagine.

Corn hole boards: This game is fun as hell, so whomever left this behind, I bet you were bummed.


Elf cut-out: I don’t even know.

Back massage device: If you’re having back problems, how do you forget this, of all things?


Anyway, the full list can be found here. Next time, don’t forget your smoke machine!

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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Might this be the back massage device they where refering to?