Porsches Are Coming To iRacing For You To Virtually Spin To Your Heart's Content

Screencap via iRacing
Screencap via iRacing

So it begins. Now that Porsche is free from its exclusive contract with Electronic Arts, its cars are starting to appear in other video games—sometimes even unannounced! Now Porsche is bringing their cars to a sim racer beloved for its obsessive attention to realism and detail: iRacing.

The first Porsche to appear in the game is none other than the latest, newly refreshed version of the 991-generation 911 GT3 Cup—a car made for the one-make Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Porsche Supercup series around the world.


I love Porsches. I love 911s. Clearly, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love race cars, too. When I discovered that there were whole series of identical racing 911s, those series immediately made my short list of greatest ideas of all time. It’s somewhere between “indoor plumbing” and “disc brakes” on this list, for sure. GT3 Cup is always a solid bet for an amusingly close race with a glorious flat-six soundtrack.

Soon, you will be able to stage your own 911 Cup races amongst friends on iRacing’s precisely programmed tracks.


Other Porsches are on their way, too, including Porsche’s flagship 919 Le Mans prototype. It’s about time.

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Who needs a Porche when you can have a Club 29 @ Eldora?