The Best Car Photos You've Ever Taken

Image credit: Kristen Lee
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Car photography is great and fun because cars can both be moving and sitting still at the same time. Both instances yield great results, and cars won’t complain about you taking too long to set up a shot or fidget or twitch or any crap like that.

Quite a few of us here at Jalopnik enjoy taking pictures of cars. Above is a photo from yours truly, taken during a Supercar Sunday event in Southern California.


Here’s a photo from our creative video editor and shooter, Jared Auslander.

Image credit: Jared Auslander

Here’s a photo from Raphael Orlove from that time he rolled his Bug.

Image credit: Raphael Orlove

This is video creative director Mike Roselli’s contribution, from when he drove this lovely blue Porsche 911.

Image credit: Mike Roselli

Do you have a cool car photo that you’ve taken that you’d like to share?

It doesn’t have to be glossy and processed like a magazine photo, and you don’t need to be a professional photographer. I’m talking about that one photo that you took that you keep going back to. That one that sticks out in your mind.


Maybe it’s something funny. Maybe it’s sad. Maybe it’s just a pretty picture.

Post it down in the good old Kinja.

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