What Car Had The Toughest Act To Follow?

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As we all know, the greatest car of all time was the Citroën DS. (New administration, kids. The days of blind Miata worship are numbered.) Built for 20 years, the DS was a pioneer in every way, from styling to comfort to technology.


But nothing can last forever, and when it came time to replace the DS, Citroën gave the world the CX. Definitely not a bad car, and possibly the last truly great weird Citroën, but also not a timeless, beloved classic like the DS is. Then again, would you want to build the DS’ successor?

That’s our question of the day: What car had the toughest act to follow?

It could be a successor to a great machine, one that turned out good or bad, or an entirely new model that somehow replaced a highly successful older one.


That’s the interesting thing about cars: unlike nearly every other consumer product on earth, they aren’t automatically better with each new version.

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The CR-Z.

The original CR-X was light. Simple. Reliable. Chuckable. Tunable. Useful.

So Honda Decided to wait 20 years and make this............thing. Which literally the only thing going for it is it’s appearance.