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Man Quits Show

Illustration for article titled Man Quits Show

End of world nigh save us all oh Lord save us all.

Andy Wilman, a man who was once Executive Producer of Top Gear, who then Definitely Did Not Quit Top Gear after he wrote an email basically saying he quit Top Gear, has quit Top Gear.


Wilman’s official resignation was confirmed by the BBC.

The show was 13 years old, RIP In Piece. The show is dead, long live the new show that Jeremy Clarkson’s been talking about and James May has been hinting about and, also, weird, all three hosts of Top Gear and Wilman were photographed just going to the pub together today.


Like friends.

Friends who, just, you know, go to the pub together.

Friends who happen to have all just left the biggest car show in the world and are almost definitely planning a new show to take over in its place, a resurrected Lazarus to rise from the dust left in the wake of one of the hosts punching a producer in the face, went to the pub together.

For the first time, since the incident question.

Just friends.

Going to the pub.

Nothing else going on here.



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Dale Franks

Dear Netflix;

With the same budget you gave that Kevin Spacey show, we could produce the most popular motoring television the world.