Watch The GoPro Chase Video That Got This Motorcycle Rider Arrested

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: The police have a different word for your sick GoPro video that shows you outrunning cop cars on your motorcycle. They call it "evidence."


That's the fate that befell a South Carolina man recently charged with several crimes, including five counts of reckless driving. After he posted a helmet cam video of himself evading police at high speeds on his Yamaha R6, police promptly found that video on YouTube and arrested him.

Like I said. They call that shit "evidence."

The video above was posted to the account RiderLifeStyle in April and has garnered more than 58,000 views. At least one of those was an officer from the Maudlin, S.C. Police Department. TV station WSPA reports investigators got a tip on social media about the video that led to the arrest of rider Derek Kellett, 26.

(The video's title, "Yamaha R6 Runs From Cops- Full High Speed Chase!!", probably didn't help it escape detection.)

Police traced the video back to Kellett and obtained a search warrant for his home and computer. The video shows Kellett hitting speeds of up to 115 mph on his bike and dodging the police cars that pursued him. Officers called off the chase because it became too dangerous.

You can outrun a squad car, but you can't outrun the Internet.


Trent Russell

And i would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you pesky kids and your stupid internet!