The New F1 Cars Sound Shockingly Different From Last Year's Cars

With a switch from a screaming naturally aspirated V8 to a much smaller 1.6-liter turbcharged V6, it was inevitable that the new Formula One cars would sound different from their predecessors. But just how different are they for 2014?


Enough that you will be genuinely surprised when you compare the two side by side at the Melbourne Grand Prix, as this intrepid YouTube user did. Assuming the same filming angle and recording techniques were used, the new cars, to me, sound much quieter, lower and more anonymous than the V8s they replaced.


I wasn't at Melbourne this weekend (sadly!), but based on this video I'm pretty disappointed. I've had the privilege of hearing those old cars in person on a couple occasions and I have to say I'll miss their ear-splitting, spine-melting wail. The sound is one of the best things about a live F1 race. I hope the cars sound better in real life than they do here.

Evidently I'm not the only one upset about this. Our old pal Alex Lloyd reports at Yahoo! Autos that the group that staged the race, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, is so incensed over the underwhelming sound that they're claiming breach of contract with Bernie Ecclestone and his F1 management group. The Aussies say they didn't get what they paid for this weekend.

Is it really that bad? Listen to the video and judge for yourself. Was anyone there this weekend? Can you attest to how the cars sound from the stands?

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