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Show Us How You'd Build A Lamborghini Huracan

Illustration for article titled Show Us How Youd Build A Lamborghini Huracan

"The Lamborghini Huracàn is crap," you thought. "Only when I can make one of MY VERY OWN THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS will it finally achieve greatness." Well there's good news. Lamborghini's Huracan configurator has gone live, so now you can make your own very special rampaging Italian snowflake.


The new site will allow you to add pretty much anything you want to your brand spanking-new baby Lambo, from paint options like "Verde Mantis Pearl Effect paint" (pretty) to Matte Yellow, which is kind of a weird color not to be shiny but whatever, it's your car.


You can also choose from various extravagances like leather color and "interior without branding" or "interior without branding." Lamborghini gets very specific with its options, you see.

All sarcasm aside, Lamborghini Huracans are low-volume enough and hand-built that if you don't see it on the official options list, the company will probably have no problem doing whatever you want to do it. Laser cannons, wings, whatever. I may be exaggerating with the laser cannons bit, but only slightly.

Head on over to the configurator site, and figure out the most Lambo-ish Lambo you can imagine and share it in Kinja below.

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burro president

Either it can't handle the sudden influx of Jalopnik traffic, or I broke it in my attempt to make the most tasteless Lambo ever.