$127,000 Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition Is For Classy Gentlemen Only

You there. Are you a classy gentleman? I am. Do you want to know how I'm a classy gentleman? Because I wear suits with ties all the time, sip tea, pretend I know a lot about wine and hit on women with an unconvincingly fake British accent.

And as a classy gentleman, I have my eye on this as my next ride: the Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition, which was recently introduced in a classy country you may have heard of called France. The car has been specifically tailored for classy gentlemen, just like me.


How do I know that? Because it's right there in the name and everything.

According to PistonHeads, spending €97,900 or about $127,000 will net classy gentlemen such as myself a red leather interior, a luggage set, some sunglasses, and a titanium badge that says "Gentleman Edition" with the build number.

You think just any old schlub can have luggage and sunglasses? No, sir. Only classy gentlemen. Like me.


It's also in a classy gray color, unlike that garish, ungentlemanly Nissan GT-R Black Edition on which it is based. It's also far more exclusive — only 10 will be made.


Of course, as a gentlemen, I prefer subtle statements to overt ones, so I'm fine with the fact that it is mechanically identical to the regular GT-R and has no bump in power. I'm just fine with 545 horsepower, thank you very much.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to put on my suit and attend a lunch meeting at Long John Silver's. It's where all us classy gentlemen choose to dine, you know.

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