Russia's New Presidential Limo Is A Retro-Futuristic Despot's Dream

When Boris Yeltsin became president of Russia he mothballed the stale Russian-built ZIL limousines and upgraded to an armored Mercedes S-Class and the country's leaders have never looked back. Until now. A Russian-designer's been tapped to design a new version of the ZIL limo and it looks like it's from an alternative… » 1/04/12 3:00pm 1/04/12 3:00pm

Meet Me At The Red Star Drive-In, Comrade!

Life in the USSR, circa 1951, wasn't all gulags and long lines for sausage rations. Nyet! Turns out some of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili's designers at ZIL/ZIS were hard at work coming up with the too-jaw-droppingly-awesome-for-words ZIS "112" prototype. Look at it. Look at it! That 50-Stude-zonked-on-Siberian-… » 1/31/07 9:00am 1/31/07 9:00am

In Soviet Russia, Car Auctions YOU!

Hey kid, wanna buy a ZIL? The limo used by Gorby and Yeltsin, a vehicle straddling the greatest divide in geopolitical power seen in the non-wartime 20th Century, is up for grabs at Sotheby's first-ever auction in Russia. Also on the block? How 'bout Leonid Brezhnev's specially-constructed Nissan limo? Unfortnately,… » 4/14/06 12:55am 4/14/06 12:55am