Canadian Motorcyclist Chased for Nearly a Mile by "Massive" Wolf

Tim Bartlett, a mechanic from Alberta, Canada, was enjoying a long motorcycle ride down British Columbia's scenic Highway 93 when he spotted something unusual emerging from the woods: a massive wolf. And the wolf didn't just stand there – it chased Bartlett for nearly a mile, at times coming within ten feet of the… » 6/22/13 10:41am 6/22/13 10:41am

Russian Wolves Now Attacking Parking Lots

The surely fake pack of wolves that mobbed the Russian police on Friday are now attacking shoppers at a Russian supermarket. What's this viral marketing for? A Russian wolf movie? Wolf spray? (Hat tip to TheCroatianGuy!) » 10/18/10 10:30am 10/18/10 10:30am

Russian Cop Begs To Get Into Car As Wolves Interrupt Traffic Stop

"I've stopped you because your car only has one headlight functioning. This is very dangerous and I have to give you a... HOLY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THOSE WOLVES. LET ME IN! LET ME IN!" UPDATE! » 10/15/10 3:45pm 10/15/10 3:45pm