PSA: NASA's Ames Center Is Open For Tours Tomorrow

NASA's Ames Research Center will be open to the public on Saturday, for the first time since 1997. Celebrating its 75 anniversary, the center is expecting over 120,000 visitors, who will be given tours including wind tunnels and NASA's 20G centrifuge. » 10/17/14 2:15pm 10/17/14 2:15pm

Ferrari's Wind Tunnel Looks Like A Sci Fi Wonderland At Night

Built in 1997, the Galleria del Vento went through an 18-month refurbishment in order for the Scuderia to have a better chance against Red Bull in Formula 1. » 10/04/13 12:17pm 10/04/13 12:17pm

This Is What A Skier Looks Like In A Wind Tunnel

It is extremely important for Simone Origone, the world record holder for speed skiing at 155.9 mph, to absolutely minimize drag. When he needs to test how cleanly he cuts through the air, he goes to the wind tunnel at automotive design house Pininfarina. » 1/20/12 4:00pm 1/20/12 4:00pm

Watch A Lucky Jerk Tune The New Lancia Stratos

The Ferrari F430-based New Lancia Stratos is a mostly untouchable limited-edition plaything for the fabulously wealthy and well-connected, but that doesn't make watching final engine tuning of this gorgeous vehicle any less enjoyable. More below. » 10/04/10 9:00am 10/04/10 9:00am

A Look Inside The World's Largest Automotive Wind Tunnel

For 30 years, engineers in GM's Aerodynamics Laboratory have improved automotive fuel economy with this, the world's largest wind tunnel designed for automotive applications. This week, on the tunnel's 30th birthday, here's an amazing look inside. » 8/05/10 10:15am 8/05/10 10:15am

Take A Supersonic Breath

This is the supersonic wind tunnel at Tennessee's Arnold Air Force Base. Whatever you do, don't stand there when they turn it up to Mach 4. Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Lance Cheung. » 6/28/10 1:00pm 6/28/10 1:00pm

This Is The Outside Of A Ferrari Wind Tunnel

The inside of a wind tunnel is a very cool place. But this is a Ferrari wind tunnel, so you know that even the outside has to look cool too. [via Sharonov] » 4/27/10 9:30am 4/27/10 9:30am

Volvo Using Wind Tunnels To Help Save You A Buck At The Pump

It's no secret that a car with slick coefficient of friction will be better on gas. So Volvo decided to build a top-notch wind tunnel in Sweden that they claim is an improvement on traditional test facilities. Volvo's wind tunnel allows a simulated road under the car at-speed, while most tunnels just leave the wheels… » 9/25/08 5:00pm 9/25/08 5:00pm