Camaro Convertible Concept Works Its Way Down The Winding Road To The Detroit Auto Show

We know it takes a while to bring a concept from the show to the showroom floor, but the General sure is taking its sweet-ass time bringing the new Camaro to market. I mean, come on — 2009? Wasn't it introduced as a concept in the 14th Century? Apparently, they haven't quite gotten the whole instant-gratification… »12/29/06 10:06am12/29/06 10:06am

Christmas In February: Chrysler Hands Buff Books an Embargo Loophole

Don't be alarmed, it's not Feburary 2007, though you might get that impression from eyeballing the covers of car magazines on the stands. No, it's still December 2006, though some buff books have already published their February issues, satisfying a rule apparently concocted to give print publishers competitive parity… »12/28/06 12:36pm12/28/06 12:36pm

Pubil Sevis: Paukert Needs to Know What to do with a Lambo in LA

Our pal Chris Paukert over at the road that couldn't possibly run parallel to anything has a probalo. He's been offered the keys to a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster. The catch is, Lambo is making the mountain come to Mohammed. Paukert's gotta be in the Greater Los Angeles area to test the thing. And being a… »12/14/06 8:15pm12/14/06 8:15pm