Camaro Convertible Concept Works Its Way Down The Winding Road To The Detroit Auto Show

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We know it takes a while to bring a concept from the show to the showroom floor, but the General sure is taking its sweet-ass time bringing the new Camaro to market. I mean, come on — 2009? Wasn't it introduced as a concept in the 14th Century? Apparently, they haven't quite gotten the whole instant-gratification thing down. Nonetheless, this year GM's taken a Jaws of Life to the Camaro concept car to create an entirely new concept. Ok, it's not so new, and it doesn't even have a working roof. But if you can't wait for the kleig lights and blond bombshells to see what it looks like, head to Winding Road and get a free copy of the digital-download buff book. They've got the scoop on the first drive.

Winding Road Issue 17.0 is now available! [Winding Road]

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Farago's right about one point: some manufacturer is going to kill if they can display a car at a major auto show and provide delivery within months.