Volkswagen Almost Created The Porsche Panamera Back In 1965

Volkswagen has always had a strange relationship with luxury cars. The very idea of them is sort of counter to the whole “people’s car” genesis of the brand, but, like all forbidden things, VW seems to have been drawn to the idea for decades. Even before the impressive-but-unsold Phaeton, VW was toying with some… » 8/25/15 1:06pm 8/25/15 1:06pm

We Drove The 2001 VW Beetle RSi: It's A VR6-Powered New Beetle In An Iron Man Suit

When I was told by Volkswagen that I’d have a car available during my trip to Germany for their massive Beetle festival, I assumed it would probably be just something from the regular press fleet. Maybe a Golf, or, if they were feeling a bit more fun, one of the current Beetles. I clearly underestimated VW’s capacity… » 8/24/15 2:27pm 8/24/15 2:27pm

Let's Tour The VW Autostadt Museum So You Can See How Clever It Is

The massive VW factory at Wolfsburg is nothing like I imagined. Sure, the building itself is familiar enough from old pictures, long massive brick blocks sprawling under four massive smokestacks. But I sure as hell didn’t expect the factory to be somehow surrounded by a massive, lovely park. But it is. » 8/20/15 9:25pm 8/20/15 9:25pm

I'm In Germany To See Beetles And The VW Museum Of My Dreams

I’m pretty excited, sitting here at the airport. I think it’s apparent, because so far two women have changed seats to be away from me and a mom warned her child to steer clear of ‘that weird little man.’ But I don’t care. I’m on my way to the a big Beetle festival and a museum I’ve wanted to visit ever since i was a… » 8/20/15 4:03pm 8/20/15 4:03pm

Watch The Mountain Walk Around With A Volkswagen On His Shoulders

Hafþór Julius Bjornsson, also known as The Mountain from Game Of Thrones, is a 6’9” 400-pound beast. He also happens to be the winner of the 2015 Europe’s Strongest Man competition, because he has to be with a nickname like The Mountain. Here he is walking around with a car on his shoulders. » 7/31/15 11:35am 7/31/15 11:35am

The Volkswagen e-Golf Is About As Normal As Electric Cars Can Get

People who prefer consistency over radical new ideas love the Volkswagen Golf, and the electric version certainly won’t disappoint them, because it’s a Golf. No less, no more. That turned out to be its greatest strength and its greatest weakness at the same time. http://jalopnik.com/the-volkswagen... » 7/14/15 1:21pm 7/14/15 1:21pm

The Way We're Reacting To The VW Worker Killed By A Robot Is Wrong

On Monday, there was a sad incident at a VW plant in Germany where an industrial robot that was being set up picked up a man and crushed him against a metal plate, killing him. This is essentially like any industrial accident — tragic, of course, but these factory deaths do occasionally happen. So why are there so… » 7/02/15 3:30pm 7/02/15 3:30pm

Everything Is Right In This Old Beetle Race Transporter Picture

There’s been some pretty awful news in the world lately, so I think it’s appropriate to take a moment to consider something that will help restore some faith in humankind. For that purpose, I submit this picture, from the late ‘60s, of Gene Berg’s Little But Quick dragster and his transporter Beetle. » 6/23/15 12:27pm 6/23/15 12:27pm

The Designer Of One Of The Best Looking VWs Ever Just Died

Most people in the U.S. have no idea who Marcio Piancastelli is, and few are really all that aware of his designs. But to either Brazilians or geeky VW-philes, the man is a design legend, penning both the VW Brasilia and the SP-2. He passed yesterday at 79, and I think it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the man… » 6/19/15 6:00pm 6/19/15 6:00pm

Volkswagen Gets A Much-Needed Sales Boost From The New Golf 

For the most part those Car of the Year awards are just self-serving marketing fodder that usually doesn’t translate into anything meaningful for your average car buyer. But this year the award winning MK7 Volkswagen Golf family of cars has found an audience and given VW some much needed sales success. » 6/03/15 11:39am 6/03/15 11:39am

Meet The Boonie Bug, The DIY Van At Home In The Wild Or On Mars

When Jalopnik’s worker-restraint pods place me in the weekly 15 minute “success daydream” cycle, I sometimes imagine myself arriving at a red carpet to receive some manner of award — but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the car that pulls up and drops me off. For many, it’s a limo. For me, usually, it’s a Boonie… » 6/02/15 12:04pm 6/02/15 12:04pm

VW Changes Their Corporate Font To Something Less Interesting

I’m pretty sure we have more than our share of typography nerds in our readership, myself included. So when I saw Volkswagen was planning a change to their corporate font, I was interested — VW has been remarkably consistent with their strong typography over the years, so this change better be good! Sadly, it isn’t. » 5/27/15 9:40pm 5/27/15 9:40pm

How The Volkswagen Beetle Came To Exist (And Almost Didn't)

I’ll be part of a show on National Geographic TV called Driving America that debuts on Monday, May 25th at 9:00 PM EST/PST and I’m glad the producers kept the often unmentioned story of how a bomb in VW’s factory nearly destroyed the car’s future. A little bit of that story in the video above. » 5/20/15 8:00pm 5/20/15 8:00pm