Volkswagen Needs To Consider This As Part Of Their TDI Fixes

As we speak, some likely frustrated engineering team in Germany is deciding the best way to fix the thousands and thousands of emissions-cheating diesel engines. There’s already fixes in place to meet the Euro standards, and the US will likely require much more. But there’s one simple little fix all solutions should… »Wednesday 7:00pm11/25/15 7:00pm

Volkswagen Denies Sales Slump After Dieselgate Confessions, Considers Dropping Soccer Sponsorships

German manufacturer Volkswagen denied a report from newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Saturday concerning a sales slump following its confessions about cheating emissions earlier this month, but the company may still drop its support of several soccer sponsorships to cut costs.
»11/22/15 1:00pm11/22/15 1:00pm

The Worst Part About Volkswagen's Diesel Scandal Is Notes From Unhinged Assholes

Ever since Volkswagen was found to be cheating on their diesel emissions, the global community of self-righteous, emotionally unbalanced individuals have been delighted, since now they can concoct “justifications” for nasty-note leaving on diesel VWs all over the world. It’s like Dickhead Christmas! »11/19/15 6:00pm11/19/15 6:00pm