Cops Sort Of Pretend To Be Homeless, Give Out Many Very Real Tickets 

Can you say a cop is ‘undercover’ when they’re holding a sign announcing exactly who they are and what they’re doing? Maybe, if the sign is scrawled on cardboard, the officers are out of uniform, standing by an off-ramp, and everyone’s brain is conditioned to read people like that as homeless? The San Bernadino Police… »7/24/15 9:00pm7/24/15 9:00pm

How to Deal with Traffic (or How I Do it)

I started a new job two weeks ago and now have to drive through the city to get to and from the office. This is a new concept for me as my commute for the past 4 years has been 15 minutes, tops, so a 30+ mile jaunt on Boston’s packed highways was more than a slight deviation. The good news is that I have not gone… »7/17/15 12:44pm7/17/15 12:44pm

The Average Commute In Boston Now Includes Your Casual Flipped Car

The buried locale formerly known as the "city of Boston" has seen a record 80,000,000 feet of snow this winter, and with it, life has seen changes. Not all at once, and some of them have been very gradual. But the biggest change may be the source of all that commuter traffic. Namely, the vehicles lying on their sides. »2/18/15 1:57pm2/18/15 1:57pm

​Irate Homeowners Are Spoofing Waze To Reroute LA Traffic

The traffic on LA's 405 freeway is notoriously bad, and crowdsourced traffic apps like Waze have given drivers a way to avoid the worst parts by rerouting them down surface streets. The downside is more traffic running through neighborhoods, so a band of homeowners are screwing with Waze to keep drivers out of their… »11/18/14 1:41pm11/18/14 1:41pm

Zurich Installed 4,500 Street Sensors to Count Every Car in the City

Congestion pricing—the implementation of high tolls to keep cars out of congested downtown areas—is one of the most effective ways to reduce traffic and emissions. Zurich's plan goes above and beyond that, using a network of sensors to track the number of cars that enter its downtown and prevent more cars from… »10/16/14 3:46pm10/16/14 3:46pm