This Ethiopian Intersection Is A Beautiful Example Of Organized Chaos

Engineers have attempted for years to design the perfect intersection, with no traffic lights, and no signs. Their attempts have met with varying levels of success. What they should've done is just watched drivers in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Then they would've known just to say "screw it." » 4/23/14 12:20pm Wednesday 12:20pm

The Right Way to Merge Lanes to Avoid Traffic-Induced Road Rage

The world can be divided into two kinds of drivers: Those that get over into a lane to exit or merge early (lineuppers) and those that zoom by until the last moment (sidezoomers), cutting the line in a sense. The war between lineuppers and sidezoomers is part of what makes driving hell sometimes. It turns out, we're… » 1/14/14 9:13pm 1/14/14 9:13pm

5 of the Worst Traffic Jams in History

When not being used for poorly thought-out political revenge, traffic jams are making the lives of commuters suck on a daily basis. But sometimes, bad traffic can get spectacularly bad—even worse than fake traffic study bad. In honor of those times, we've collected some of the worst traffic jams in history. » 1/13/14 3:05pm 1/13/14 3:05pm

Traffic In China Is Agonizingly, Incredibly Slow

In my ongoing bid for the world title of Understatement of the Year, I will humbly say that China Has A Lot Of People. And having a lot of people tends to mean that there are a lot of cars. And a lot of cars means a lot of traffic. So much so that in Beijing, the average car doesn't move faster than 7.5 MPH. » 1/04/14 11:00am 1/04/14 11:00am

LAPD Cracks Down On Jaywalkers As More People Ditch Cars

At some point or another, you and I will have moments when we aren't in cars (I know, it's terrifying.). But if you happen to not be in a car in a place called Los Angeles, expect to have a less-than-swell time, as police are cracking down on pedestrians like never before. » 12/26/13 2:20pm 12/26/13 2:20pm

A Cyber Attack Against Israel Shut Down An Entire Road Last Month

Hackers managed to infiltrate and shut down an enormous tunnel system in Israel last month, causing massive traffic jams for eight hours, according to the AP. Though their sources indicate that the attack didn't come from a state actor, this first strike opens up a whole new world of cyber warfare. » 10/27/13 9:24pm 10/27/13 9:24pm