China’s Appetite For Cars Absolutely Ravenous: Up 104 Percent

Forget about the children starving down in China. Chinese are hungry for cars. And they are being fed. Reports cited by China Daily and Gasgoo indicate a record November for China’s car sales, as predicted by TTAC. Sales of passenger vehicles, including cars, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), sports-utility vehicles… »12/08/09 8:30am12/08/09 8:30am

Trade War Watch 3: U.S. Tire Prices To Rise By 20 - 30%

Our man in China has been all over this story of whoa, Dude, what ARE you doing? Like anyone with half a brain, Bertel Schmitt sees President Obama’s decision to place a 35 percent import tax on Chinese-made tires as the worst kind of lunacy: counter-productive political pandering. Unless the Prez decides to please… »9/14/09 10:55am9/14/09 10:55am

Editorial: Collector Car Market: The Sky Hasn’t Fallen; Just A Few Prices.

In a recent news article »9/11/09 9:46am9/11/09 9:46am RF stated: "…here’s another story where the web pulls the rug from under auto industry types seeking to hide the truth. We’ve been saying it forever (in Internet terms): the collector car market has collapsed. Well, duh. But the mainstream media and specialist press has both been happy to…

Brock Yates Joins TTAC Full-Time, Welcome To The Interwebs

Though it's been a while since Brock Yates was fully canned from Car & Driver, and there was talk of him joining the interwebs many moons ago, nothing ever materialized. But now we're happy to say that Brock Yates will officially be joining the League of Extraordinary Automotive Bloggers at The Truth About Cars. »1/29/08 11:00am1/29/08 11:00am