Crazy New Flying Car Is A Vertical-Takeoff 200 MPH Plug-In Hybrid

Terrafugia made big waves last year with the introduction of the Transition, the first flying car. Sure, it was more of a driving plane than a flying car, but it brought a dream everyone has had to life. They're already planning a successor to the first model, and it'll go 200 MPH, take off vertically, and do other… »5/06/13 3:37pm5/06/13 3:37pm

Taiwanese Animators Render Our Terrafugia Flying Car Dreams

My enthusiasm for the Terrafugia Transition flying car has never waned, but after seeing it through the eyes of Taiwanese's Next Media Animation I'm even more excited about the prospect. Imagine flying around with Gary Busey and his weird Back To The Future shirt. Just remember to alwa—- OMG WATCH OUT FOR THAT PLANE! »4/04/12 8:30am4/04/12 8:30am

A Flying Transformer-Car-Jet! We're Waiting For The El Camino-ization

Terrafugia's moved up the work on this George Jetson play-toy. Although it may look like it's totally coming straight from a Spacely Sprockets airstrip, it's not. This MIT-designed flying car is called the Transition, and they're gonna try building a prototype in the next two years for a mere $150,000 a unit. Also,… »5/17/06 2:20pm5/17/06 2:20pm