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Terrafugia Flying Car: First Look at New, Less Dorky Design

Illustration for article titled Terrafugia Flying Car: First Look at New, Less Dorky Design

The dream-fulfilling-but-dorky Terrafugia Flying Car we've seen flying around was merely a "proof of concept." Today the company released the first renderings of the much cooler looking production version of the streetable aircraft. Here they are.


The Terrafugia's the closest anyone's gotten to a mass production flying car, having undergone successful test flights and convinced the FAA to grant it a weight exemption.


The Transition's supposed to travel 450 miles at a speed of 115 mph on regular unleaded gas and then, with the wings folded up, travel at 65 mph on the road all for a price of $194,000 and just 20 hours of flying lessons. So far it's had everything you'd want in a flying car... except for the exciting design.

These images — revealed at today's EAA AirVenture in Wisconsin — show a more complete vehicle with fully folded wings, headlights and the first glimpse at the spartan but airbag-equipped interior. It's not as scintillating as the Moller Skycar, but it's an improvement over the test mule and, you know, you might actually be able to buy this one within the next 40 years.

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No typical Jalop responses yet?

"No RWD, no proper manual, no want."

"Yeah but the interior is cheap and plastic-y"

"I could do the same with a fox-body Mustang and some bolt-on go-fast parts."

"I'll order one when I can get a wagon."