Why Does Taylor Swift Have Two Private Jets?

Not surprisingly, there’s a strong connection between famous musicians and private jets. From Carly Simon caroling about a mystery man flying his “Learjet up to Nova Scotia” to Elvis Presley’s well-known affinity for aircraft, singers seem to love airplanes (we certainly can’t blame them!) But pop princess Taylor… »9/09/15 4:03pm9/09/15 4:03pm


Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Taking 'Stand For Our Generation' and Riding a Hoverboard

Wiz Khalifa was arrested last night at the Los Angeles airport for refusing to get off of his hoverboard. Yes, a hoverboard, just like Marty McFly. But Khalifa’s decision to ride his hoverboard through the airport wasn’t for entertainment, it was a principled stand and a deep commitment to emerging technologies. »8/23/15 10:18am8/23/15 10:18am

Why Taylor Swift Is A Better Spokesmodel For Wet 'N' Wild Than IndyCar

No, no. Not because Wet ‘N’ Wild makes nail polish on the cheap and Swift’s a fancy lady. Look at the track conditions at Belle Isle. Clearly, an opportunity to co-brand (read = “get more dinero”) this car was lost. Not only did Tony Kanaan wipe out in his Taylor Swiftmobile, but three other cars wiped out with him.
»5/30/15 5:29pm5/30/15 5:29pm

Meet The Guy Who Had His Shelby Cobra Trashed By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new video Blank Space has received a metric ton of praise, from its amazing cinematography to its pretty darn catchy tune. The video also featured a beautiful Shelby Cobra that for one reason or another, gets assaulted with a golf club. I sat down with Will Hough, the car's owner, and asked him… »11/13/14 1:47pm11/13/14 1:47pm