One Of The Downed Su-24 Pilots Is Alive And Talking As Russia Beefs Up Defenses In Syria

It has been more than 24 hours since Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 Fencer that briefly passed into its territory. Now we are seeing the clear steps Russia is taking in response to this event, and we’ve learned that one of the jet’s pilots has survived the attack, contrary to earlier reports. »Yesterday 2:45pm11/25/15 2:45pm


Russia Loses Attack Jet And Helicopter In Syria In One Day: Here's What We Know


Hours after a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down by a Turkish F-16 over Syria after Turkey claimed the jet invaded its airspace, killing two pilots, tensions remain high between both nations as the U.S. and France urged caution and de-escalation. In addition, a Russian soldier was apparently killed today by Free… »Tuesday 6:57pm11/24/15 6:57pm

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Su-24 Fencer It Says Invaded Its Airspace (Updated)

A Russian Su-24 Fencer attack jet, one of about a dozen based at Russia’s forward operating base in Syria south of the port city of Latakia, was shot down after Turkey claims the aircraft had passed into its airspace and did not respond to 10 separate warnings spaced over five minutes. »Tuesday 5:03am11/24/15 5:03am

Syrians Are Paying A High Price For Russia’s Cheap Bombs

Helicopters are not known for being the most useful bombing platforms, but some of Russia’s combat helicopters, namely the Mi-24 Hind series, are still capable of hauling these weapons. Russia and the Assad regime are putting this capability to use in Syria, as you can see in the videos below, with horrific results.
»Monday 5:01pm11/23/15 5:01pm

New Video Of F-14 Tomcat Escorts And Cruise Missiles As Russia Steps Up Syria Offensive

New video is emerging of Russia’s heavy bomber sorties and naval cruise missile strikes against targets in Syria. This includes some pretty amazing bomb and cruise missile drop sequences and footage showing the bombers’ fighter escorts, which included Iranian F-14A Tomcats and Russian Su-30SM Flankers.
»Friday 6:55pm11/20/15 6:55pm

Russian Bombers Pound Syria For The First Time As Putin Says Bomb Brought Down Airbus

Russia has now integrated its strategic bomber assets into its air campaign in Syria. Tu-22M3s Backfires, Tu-95MS Bears, and even Russia’s precious handful of Tu-160 Blackjack bombers have all delivered ordinance onto targets in Syria. This comes as Putin himself has announced that a bomb did indeed take down… »11/17/15 4:50pm11/17/15 4:50pm

No, This Image Is Not Proof That Russia Deployed S-400 Advanced SAMs To Syria

Major news outlets around the net are carrying a story with the image above at its center. They claim that this image shows Russia’s most advanced and long-range air defense system, the S-400 “Triumpf”/ SA-21 “Growler,” has been deployed to Syria, something the Kremlin flatly denies. The truth is there is nothing in… »11/13/15 6:59pm11/13/15 6:59pm

60 Minutes Takes A Glance At The Growing Costs Of The Air War Against ISIS

60 Minutes traveled to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar to take a brief look inside the 14 month-old air war against ISIS over Iraq and Syria. While this wasn’t as detailed a report on the campaign as many would have liked, the piece did delve into its growing costs for the United States. »10/26/15 8:43am10/26/15 8:43am

Improvised Condom Balloon Bombs Are Being Used In Syria To Fend Off Airstrikes

With Russia, Syria and the U.S. led coalition striking targets around Syria, the skies above the war-torn country have become increasingly filled with combat aircraft. These airstrikes have become the bane of militant and rebel factions fighting on the ground. Now some of them are trying are using helium filled… »10/23/15 8:00pm10/23/15 8:00pm

Intense Night Shots Show Russian Jets Blasting Out Of Syrian Base

The Russian Ministry of Defense just released these photographs of night air operations at their outpost airfield in Syria. Just a small portion of the flights, so far, base have been night sorties. But it all may now be changing as Russian aviators become more accustomed to their environment, and Assad’s army and its… »10/23/15 1:33pm10/23/15 1:33pm

New Video Emerges Of Russian Attack Helicopters Opening Fire Over Urban Syria  

Russia’s attack jets have been active in recent days over Syria, but so have its attack helicopters. This video shows a division of Russian Mi-24P Hinds opening fire at low level over the embattled Syrian city of Homs. They fire their unguided rockets from afar, then continue to wheel around the city popping decoy… »10/18/15 12:01pm10/18/15 12:01pm

Turkey Has Shot Down An Unidentified Aircraft After Crossing Its Border

Turkey says that they have shot down an unidentified aircraft after it strayed two miles into Turkish airspace and did not respond to three warnings. It is not perfectly clear at this time who the aircraft belonged to or if it was manned or unmanned, although some reports say it was unmanned. »10/16/15 7:24am10/16/15 7:24am

All The Things The Democratic Candidates Got Wrong On Defense At Last Night's Debate 

The first Democractic Presidential Debate was dominated by domestic policy issues, but there were still plenty of opportunities for the candidates to say things that were devoid of specifics or even just flat-out wrong on defense. Foxtrot Alpha will dissect these statements just as we’ve done for the two Republican… »10/14/15 10:34am10/14/15 10:34am

C-17s With Fighter Escort Drop 50 Tons Of Arms To Fighters In Northern Syria

Multiple reports state that the Pentagon air-dropped cargo pallets full of small arms, ammo, grenades and other weaponry to supposedly vetted forces known as the Syrian Arab Army operating in the Al-Hasakah province of Syria. The drop was made via a division of C-17A cargo aircraft flying under fighter cover. »10/12/15 1:52pm10/12/15 1:52pm

Unconfirmed Reports: Russian Aircraft Shot Down After It Violated Turkish Airspace

Social media and many not-so-reliable news outlets are running the headline that an aircraft, which many claim was Russian, was shot down after it crossed into Turkish airspace. At this point in time, aside from some Twitter users who supposedly witnessed something exploding near the border, we cannot corroborate… »10/10/15 2:59pm10/10/15 2:59pm

Video Shows Russian Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters In Intense Action Over Syria

Russia’s Mi-24P “Hind” attack helicopters are now operating over Syria, as clearly shown in new videos. They showed up in force with intermediate level bombing with dumb-bombs and whipping around at a couple dozen feet above the ground, popping flares and firing on, well, something, with rockets and cannon fire.
»10/09/15 9:10pm10/09/15 9:10pm

Report: Russian Cruise Missiles Destined For Syria Crash In Iran

Yesterday, Russia fired off no less than 26 of its new Kalibr cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea, all were aimed at 11 targets in Syria. Because of their launching location, the missiles had to fly through northwest Iran and northern Iraq to make it to their targets in Syria. CNN reports that a number of… »10/08/15 1:47pm10/08/15 1:47pm

Russia Intercepts U.S. Drones Over Syria, Launches Cruise Missiles From Caspian

Russia has upped the ante once again in Syria over the last 24 hours, launching cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea at targets in Syria. Meanwhile, information has come to light about a series of intercepts made on U.S. Predator and Reaper drones by Russian fighters operating all over the war-torn country.
»10/07/15 3:19pm10/07/15 3:19pm