SEMA 2007: Mother's Propane and Propane Accessories

We know what you're thinking. Another Chevelle at SEMA. Wait now. This Chevelle kicks out 1000 horsepower without a blower, the bottle, or burning one drop of gasoline. How? Propane! The small block Chevy under the hood huffs down the same stuff folks use to heat up their Hamburger Helper. Since propane packs a 100+… » 10/29/07 11:45am 10/29/07 11:45am

My Mother Was Imagination; My Father, Molten Metal

"In me is power. Churning power, turning power, burning power, in eight busy breathing cylinders! I am Chevrolet's new Turbo-Fire V8, an engine that keeps car wheels rolling!" Judging by the scenery-chewing hyperdramatic delivery of the narrator (coupled with war-movie background music) in this ad for Chevy's… » 5/08/07 10:30am 5/08/07 10:30am