2009 Skoda Superb Supremely Safe, Achieves Five Stars In Euro-NCAP Tests

When we first saw the 2009 Skoda Superb we got weak in the knees. We asked the doctor to Czech us out and his Prague-nosis was that this Passat platform mate, with its twindoor system, was just too sexy. We know, it's a liftback sedan like all the others. But is it? Euro-NCAP, sort of the IIHS of Europe, tested the… » 5/28/08 9:40am 5/28/08 9:40am

Skoda Superb Estate In The Works? Is Someone Reading Our Diary?

If you know us, you know we love the 2009 Skoda Superb. For serious. It's the best looking thing they build on the the Passat platform. And now our friends at World Car Fans have some spy photos of what looks to be a Superb Estate and a rendering of what they expect it to look like. We're all in support of taking our… » 4/03/08 4:45pm 4/03/08 4:45pm

It's A Hatch, It's A Trunk, It's The Skoda Twindoor System

The 2009 Skoda Superb was already our favorite version of the VW Passat when the company released images of it earlier this year. Since then we've been waiting for pictures of the new Twindoor system, which promised the styling of a sedan with the usability of a hatchback. We were dubious until we saw the pictures.… » 3/04/08 2:00pm 3/04/08 2:00pm

2009 Skoda Superb To Be Outfitted With VW Media System

It only took Skoda, the Czech VW subsidiary, decades to emerge from the automotive Dark Ages and finally throw a tech bone or two into its sedans and the like. The latest news coming out of the land where they invented pilsner is that the Skoda Superb, which is primed and ready for an unveiling at the Geneva Auto… » 1/29/08 1:45pm 1/29/08 1:45pm

The Skoda Superb Is More Than Adequate

The folks at Skoda, the Czech VW subsidiary, have always had a stellar time reworking and elongating the Passat platform to make an upper-mid-level platform for that Czech executive on the go. Now we've got photos of the next generation Skoda Superb and, hey, it's better than ordinary. In fact, propelled by VW's 1.8… » 1/09/08 4:00pm 1/09/08 4:00pm