Why You Don't Want To Buy A Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle

Ever been tempted to buy a Rebuilt Salvage vehicle? Formerly wrecked but now legal to drive, the former Salvage vehicle might be substantially less expensive than another similar vehicle without that designation. I would caution you: Rebuilt Salvage vehicles are the fool's gold of the automotive world. »11/06/14 2:33pm11/06/14 2:33pm

Can You Count On A Salesperson's "Expert" Advice?

You buy a truck to pull your boat trailer and specifically ask the salesperson if it will do the job. He assures you it will. Afterwards, you discover it couldn't pull your trailer downhill with a tailwind. Can you sue to un-do that deal? Probably not – unless you took specific steps to protect yourself. »10/30/14 1:48pm10/30/14 1:48pm