People Hate Left Lane Hogs Enough To Make This Tweet Go Viral

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Photo: Indiana State Police (Facebook)

Over the weekend, Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Stephen Wheeles tweeted about pulling somebody over for going too slowly in the left lane on the highway. Since then his post has blown up, which gives me hope that maybe people around America will get a clue and kindly get out of the fast lane when they want to drive slowly.


Our country seems to be rolling through one crisis after another but the general public’s ignorance of the rule to Keep Right Except To Pass has plagued us for at least as long as I’ve been driving.

It’s not that hard. If you’re on the highway and you’re not passing other cars, just fall in to the right lane.

I know I’m not the only person to get peeved by this because Sgt. Wheeles’ tweet here has popped up everywhere from Fox News to your aunt’s Facebook wall over the last 36-odd hours.

So I’ll make my contribution by sharing it one more time in the hopes that somebody cruising in the highway’s left lane at a casual 56 mph, probably also looking at their phone, sees this and learns to move over for the sake of society.

Now that Sgt. Wheeles has some national attention, maybe he could tweet about getting people to use their turn signals as they shuffle over to the right lane?


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It’s important to remember that the hazard is caused by the tailgating and aggressive following drivers. The left lane rider is an annoyance and should move over to the right lane, but the hazard is created behind him or her.

This is an unpopular view. Facts are often unpopular.