Farago Freaks Out GM PR, Takes His Fight For Truth To The "Maximum"

Robert Farago took a few minutes away from joining the New York Times in their El Camino haterade to continue his search for truthiness by asking childhood hero "Maximum" Bob Lutz a few questions at the New York Auto Show the other day. Farago's account is more humorous than any re-cap we can muster, so head on over… »3/21/08 2:45pm3/21/08 2:45pm

The Truth About Cars Hit by Denial of Service Attack

Uh oh. Maybe Robert Farago's talk of ominous black helicopters and wet-work by major automakers' Delta forces isn't far off. A day after the divisive auto writer (full disclosure: and Jalopnik columnist) published the e-mail address of a BMW staffer on his site, The Truth About Cars — a response to his being denied… »6/01/06 10:16am6/01/06 10:16am