Rental Car Companies Are Idiots When It Comes To Keys

So I just locked myself out of the rental car my insurance company is providing while the claim for my Beetle gets worked out. It's partially my own fault, of course, but it should be a pretty easy thing to fix. After all, the rental company was nice enough to provide a lavish two keys with the car. Two keys! A main… »4/26/13 1:49pm4/26/13 1:49pm

How To Adjust Your Driving For Rear-Wheel, Front-Wheel, And All-Wheel-Drive Cars

If you can morph into the chameleon of racecar drivers, chances are you will be successful in whatever you decide to drive. And that's good, because as Ricky Bobby said, "if you ain't first, you're last." The obvious question is how your driving should differ based on the car's configuration. Honestly, it's simple… »8/21/12 4:00pm8/21/12 4:00pm

Why A Rental Car Is The Fastest Car You'll Ever Have

The next race of the season was taking place at Sebring Raceway in Florida. It was five in the morning. I brushed my teeth and readied myself for a big day on track. But when you are staying in a hotel full of race team members — all driving rental cars — the battle to the racetrack can sometimes be fiercer than the… »8/15/12 2:00pm8/15/12 2:00pm