Let's See Your Labor Day Weekend Drives & Projects!

Whether you're swan diving into a rusty rabbit hole or soaking up the last of summer, happy Labor Day from Truck Yeah! Show us what you're wrenching on or driving on this long weekend. » 8/30/14 2:02pm 8/30/14 2:02pm

Replace Your Car's Gear Shift with a Gaming Joystick

If you want to add a little geeky flair to your car (and elicit laughter from anyone who rides shotgun) this quick project is a good use for an old or broken flight stick: Pop off the shift cover in your car's center console and replace it with a joystick. It may not add functionality, but it'll make driving more fun. » 7/12/13 8:50am 7/12/13 8:50am

How to paint your car for less than $100

If your car is starting to show its age, one way to breathe a little cosmetic life into a new vehicle is to give it a new paint job. At the same time, a good paint job can cost thousands of dollars. Over at Instructables however, a full-vehicle paint job only has to set you back about $75. » 12/07/11 8:15am 12/07/11 8:15am

A Home-Built Eight-Wheeled "Sports" Car That'll Make You Cry

We're not ones to suggest there's such a thing as too much when it comes to homebuilding vehicles. But an eight-wheel "sports" car with dual Mazda rotary engines, Jaguar differentials and a rat's nest of unfinished business? Someone cry uncle. » 11/11/10 1:30pm 11/11/10 1:30pm

Porsche Restoration Of '73 911 Becomes Ultimate Build Thread

Porsche's factory restoration unit bought a gutted 1973 911 T Coupe off eBay, with plans to rebuild the vehicle over the next year. How obsessively precise could they be? They're employing the factory workers who assembled it 37 years ago. » 11/02/10 3:30pm 11/02/10 3:30pm