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A Home-Built Eight-Wheeled "Sports" Car That'll Make You Cry

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're not ones to suggest there's such a thing as too much when it comes to homebuilding vehicles. But an eight-wheel "sports" car with dual Mazda rotary engines, Jaguar differentials and a rat's nest of unfinished business? Someone cry uncle.

This Plains-state Frankenspeedster, comes courtesy of, where else, a certain online auction site where the seller provides one of the most half-hearted pitches we've seen for their "Costum made car from scratch:"

This is a car that is hard to describe. It is design to be a sports car with 8 wheels. the body is custom made of fiberglass the frame is steel tubing. there is no interior in it. the detentions are 204in long x 81in wide x 40in tall I don't know the weight of it. This car is all black.


In addition to its welder's grip of the obvious, the car's mechanical parts list includes two "GM-Style" front suspensions, two Jaguar suspensions out back, the rotaries "put together" and a hodgepodge of other pieces, including a few Corvette parts.


Who knows? There might be the bones of two rotary-powered kit cars in this beast, which the winning bidder will have to tow home, since the seller warns "I have not tried to start or drive this car." That's probably the wisest choice this project has seen to date. (Hat tip to Zach90Turbo!)