Hong Kong Parking Deck Offers A Dubai-Like Display Of Wealth

We wouldn't blame you for mistaking this parking deck for a Sheiklet's playground in Abu Dhabi »10/30/08 12:30pm10/30/08 12:30pm. This deck in Hong Kong holds some of the world's most exclusive , including a Porsche Carrera GT, a few Lamborghinis and a Ferrari Enzo. It seems as if China is doing a better job of than we are back in the States. See if…

Man Drives Taurus Off Parking Deck, Dangles From Seventh Floor

Whenever we drive into a parking garage we wonder if those cables around the perimeter could actually hold our car in the event we drove it off the edge. An Atlanta man maybe had the same idea when he plowed through the cables on the seventh floor of a parking garage in the Buckhead neighborhood. When rescuers arrived… »12/13/07 2:45pm12/13/07 2:45pm