Whenever we drive into a parking garage we wonder if those cables around the perimeter could actually hold our car in the event we drove it off the edge. An Atlanta man maybe had the same idea when he plowed through the cables on the seventh floor of a parking garage in the Buckhead neighborhood. When rescuers arrived all four wheels of the Taurus were off the garage, but the wires were holding the car up and the man was still inside.

The airbag deployed but the man managed to still hit his head in a way that knocked him unconscious. This was probably a good thing as it kept him still as the rescue workers were figuring out just how to get him out. It's also good because it sort of sounds like a suicide attempt and didn't get a chance to jump out of the car. The man made it to the hospital, but his condition is unknown. The Taurus is listed in serious, but stable condition. [AP via Macon Telegraph