2010 Mazda6 Wagon: Sorry, Not For You America

This is the new Mazda6 wagon, debuting at Geneva in March. We'd like to remind you that, thanks to the buying habits of your fellow Americans, it won't be offered for sale in the US. Thanks, boring cow-like crossover buyers » 1/26/10 10:30am 1/26/10 10:30am

2009 Mazda6 Grand Touring: First Drive

The 2009 Mazda6 is supposed to be the driver's car in the mid-size sedan segment. Considering it competes with the Camry, that's not exactly a challenge. Still, can it get us hot and bothered? » 4/14/09 3:30pm 4/14/09 3:30pm

2009 Mazda6, Reviewed

The 2009 Mazda6 is supposed to be "the first of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom Evolution" second-generation vehicles" — whatever that means. Although we've yet to get a chance to drive the Zoomage — we'll be in the driver's seat sometime in mid-June — our friends at Popular Mechanics have spent some time behind the wheel. We have… » 5/23/08 12:01am 5/23/08 12:01am

2009 Mazda6 Unveiled For North America

Mazda today released the first photos of the 2009 Mazda6. Clearly embracing Ford's kinetic design, this new generation sedan looks more like the Ford Mondeo than the previous generation's Mazda6. According to the company, this vehicle will go on sale at the end of summer 2008. How does our version differ from the … » 4/25/08 8:40am 4/25/08 8:40am