Foul Australian Miscreants Terrorize Innocent New Zealand With Navy

Australia, a “country” on the continent of “Australia,” is commonly known as “the bully of the world” by New Zealand, a small island country entirely populated by small birds. Unsatisfied with their pre-existing reign of terror, the Royal Australian Navy has engaged in what New Zealand is calling “maritime hoonery” in…

The Navy Finally Says Goodbye To The Tubby Little T-2 Buckeye Jet Trainer

It has served the Navy for 56 years, the vast majority of those years working as the service’s intermediate jet trainer. Thousands of Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers were introduced to jet operations in the T-2 over the years, with many pilots making their first carrier landings in the jet. Now, with just a…

Watch Our Timelapse Video Of The USS San Antonio Sliding Into New York

As you may have already heard, last week we flew on an MV-22 Osprey as part of New York’s Fleet Week festivities. What you may have glossed over is that we were heading to land, well, not on land at all per se, but on the deck of the USS San Antonio. And this is how gorgeous and New York Harbor is on a May afternoon.