PCH, Invasion Of The Hell Projects Edition: Three Alfas or Four Citroens?

Welcome to Project Car Hell » 10/10/08 5:20pm 10/10/08 5:20pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we had the chance to choose between two potential moonshine runners, with either of which one might keep bread on the table during the coming , and the like Junior Johnson beat…

Chew On This Stat: 10 Percent Of LeMons New England Racers Drive Alfa Romeo Milanos

Are we seeing the start of a new LeMons trend here? Rather than endless BMW E30s, Mazda RX-7s, and Honda CRXs, the Alfa Romeo Milano will become the can't-lose car of choice for LeMons teams? We know there will be at least one » 8/23/08 3:45pm 8/23/08 3:45pm at the next LeMons South race, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that someone will…

Two Alfa Romeo Milanos For $299? Let's Go Racing!

After Seatbelt123 and the rest of the Quattro Libre team piloted their Audi 4000 to a respectable 23rd place at the 24 Hours of LeMons South event last weekend, they decided to upgrade to some fine Italian steel for their next race. What better choice than the Alfa Romeo Milano, with its insanely complicated and… » 8/01/08 2:40pm 8/01/08 2:40pm