Australian Toyota HC-CV Concept Dangerously Close To Cool

Toyota Style Australia apparently missed the company memo mandating all Camrys and hybrids remain boring as plain oatmeal, as they've whipped up the dangerously cool looking Toyota HC-CV Concept for the Melbourne Motor Show. » 2/23/09 5:30pm 2/23/09 5:30pm

Ford Performance Vehicles F6 E Concept: Aussie Awesome Goes Stealth

Just as we're coming down from the twin-turbocharged high of the 365 HP Ford Taurus SHO, Ford of Australia goes and crushes our pride with the 415 HP FPV F6 E Concept. USA? USA? USA? » 2/23/09 1:30pm 2/23/09 1:30pm

Aussie Builders Back With New Nagari

One of the lesser-known Australian brands is Bolwell, which got its start in the 1960's building kit cars and later moved on to build a small number of production models called the Nagari (full history from the Bolwell Car Club). Powered by various Holden and Ford engines, the vehicles tended to take the prevailing… » 12/18/07 12:15pm 12/18/07 12:15pm