Cutlass: A Short Film About A Special Oldsmobile

Cutlass is a cute short film written/directed by Kate Hudson, featuring both Chevy Chase and Kurt Russell. The official selection at the non-Subaru Tribeca Film Festival is about parenting, negotiating techniques and an Oldsmobile. [YouTube] » 4/27/09 2:30pm 4/27/09 2:30pm

Call KLunker 1-1313 For Misdemeanor Motors!

While searching for the great Marshall Lucky scene from one of Kurt Russell's finest films, we ran across this... this... well, we're not quite sure what it is. It's a 1970 short film entitled Dad, Can I Borrow The Car, a very young (and un-Snake Plisskin-like) Kurt Russell narrates it, and it's seriously twisted.… » 11/26/07 2:30pm 11/26/07 2:30pm