Toyota Claims Jim Press Is A Liar, Pants Are On Fire: Prius Development Didn't Use Government Dollars

Today the super number-one best automaker from the land of the rising sun provided us the automotive industry equivalent of yelling "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" at their former President of Toyota USA, Jim Press. Press, now President of Chrysler, claimed last week in an article in BusinessWeek that 100% of development… »4/02/08 7:02am4/02/08 7:02am

Chrysler's Press Claims Japan Paid 100% Of Toyota Prius Hybrid, Battery Development; Lutz Says Volt Could Cost $48,000

BusinessWeek's David Kiley had a fun idea to spend some time talking with some industry heavy-hitters about CAFE and fuel economy. He spent a few minutes talking to both former Toyota USA President and current #2 at Chrysler, Jim Press, as well as GM Vice-Chairman "Maximum" Bob Lutz. The topic was the fuel efficient… »4/01/08 11:00am4/01/08 11:00am

Chrysler Set To Drop The Ax on Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Dodge Magnum

Chrysler is expected to kill off its Pacifica, PT Cruiser and Dodge Magnum at some kind of a board meeting today. With sales of all those models dropping by nearly 30 percent this year, there's not much left to kill, but fates will be decided at the first board meeting with former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli as… »10/30/07 11:00am10/30/07 11:00am

Chrysler to Offer Alternative-Fuel Powertrain on Every Model

Chrysler's Jim Press says his company plans to offer an alternative-fuel powertrain option in every model it sells. Press told the Detroit News diesel, plug-in, fuel-cell and gas-electric hybrids could all be used to backfill Chrysler's lineup with environmentally friendly alternatives. The vice chairman of Chrysler… »10/02/07 10:45am10/02/07 10:45am

Former Toyota USA President Jim Press Never Owned A Toyota Or Lexus

The Chrysler media blog's got an interview with the new Vice-Chairman of "The New Chrysler," Jim Press. Much of it's a nice little flufferview of the guy who until being snagged by Cerberus, spent thirty years at Toyota, eventually becoming President of Toyota USA and the only non-Japanese ToMoCo board member.… »9/27/07 11:22am9/27/07 11:22am

BREAKING! Jim Press Leaves Toyota, Takes Vice-Chairman Seat at Chrysler!

Chrysler's just announced that joining Bob Nardelli at "The New Chrysler" will be none other than Jim Press, who up until today was President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota North America and the token 'merican on the Toyota board of directors. He'll be filling the slot of vice chairman. We're stunned like deer… »9/06/07 9:31am9/06/07 9:31am

With Money From The US Government, Toyota Hopes Someday To Build a Plug-In Hybrid Of Its Very Own

The same day as "Slick" Rick Wagoner was up on stage in LA announcing a plug-in hybrid for the General, ToMoCo's senior samurai in North America, Jim Press, was asked about his company's strategy for plug-in hybrids at the Electric Drive Transportation Association conference in Washington. Press didn't commit Toyota… »11/29/06 3:45pm11/29/06 3:45pm

Jim Press-ing His Way To Shapely Hips, Thighs And US Automakers

Still newly-minted Toyota Motor North America president Jim Press issued a press release yesterday talking about the "thriving" US automotive industry. In it, he re-iterated Toyota will continue to be around to help the US government solve major environmental and auto safety issues. How kind and sweet of Jim and his… »7/19/06 12:49pm7/19/06 12:49pm

Was Toyota's Jim Press Once One of the Boat People of San Pedro?

USA Today's got a profile of Toyota's Jim Press, who lives in Rolling Hills, a few miles from Jalopnik's West Coast Bunker in San Pedro. Toyota's Torrance headquarters are just a quick shot up the 110 and a slow grind up the 405 from us, and the article notes that he once lived on a 42' boat "docked a few miles from… »1/24/06 7:02pm1/24/06 7:02pm