Anything Seemed Possible In The Year 2000

From the archives: CEO Jacques Nasser and CEO Jerry Yang celebrating the Ford-Yahoo OwnerConnection program in 2000. It's nine years later. Which concept seems sadder through the prism of history? » 2/23/09 4:00pm 2/23/09 4:00pm

Breaking Over The Weekend! Bez To Buyout Aston Martin?

You'd think the Brits would be kind enough to let us 'mericans have a nice, quiet Labor Day — but fear not, we wouldn't even let news bother us as we celebrated our lefty socialist labor lovefest. Like for instance, news emerged this weekend that there could be two competing buyout offers for FoMoCo's Aston Martin… » 9/05/06 8:37am 9/05/06 8:37am

Breaking Bond From FoMoCo! Ford's Looking To Sell Aston Martin

Although it's no secret that FoMoCo's been searching for ways to offload chunks of the Jacques Nasser-created "Premier Automotive Group" (NAMBLA), we didn't expect they'd be offering it up piece-by-piece via press release beginning this morning — because, you know, that doesn't make ya look desperate or anything.… » 8/31/06 10:14am 8/31/06 10:14am

Breaking! Ford To Go All Meta And Sell Pieces Of Self To Former Self…

Bloomberg News's reporting FoMoCo's in talks to sell some of its luxe brands from its Premier Automotive Group (NAMBLA) with a group led by none other than former Ford Chief Executive Officer Jacques Nasser. This is the same guy who FoMoCo's board fired just five years ago after the whole Firestone tires thing — and… » 8/25/06 10:44am 8/25/06 10:44am