Honda Is Planning An Entire Family Of Turbo Engines With VTEC, Yo

File this under things I never thought I'd have to say, but the Honda and Acura lineup could use a serious injection of fun. The 2016 NSX and new Honda Civic Type R are good starts, even if we may not get the latter in America. What we can expect is more turbo engines across the lineup, complete with VTEC. » 1/14/15 1:44pm 1/14/15 1:44pm

The Honda Civic Type R Is The Little Hot Hatch Monster To Yearn For

And looking like this, ladies and gentlemen, is what convicted felon and famous Honda Civic Type R aficionado Martha Stewart would called "A Good Thing." This is technically the Honda Civic Type R Concept, but you can rest assured the production model will look a lot like this. At least for Europe. » 3/03/14 2:40pm 3/03/14 2:40pm

The Honda Civic Type R Concept Is The Car Honda Has To Sell Here

The Honda Civic Si is a quick car, but it's also stuck with a puffy face and a bunch of other tacky add-ons. And it's not a hatch. The Honda Civic Type R Concept solves that. Except for the fact it's a concept. And history tells us we're not getting the production version. So it's not quite problem solved. » 2/12/14 2:20pm 2/12/14 2:20pm