A Little TLC Will Get This Honda 600 Back On The Road. Well, No.

You don't see any Honda 600s on the street these days, although they didn't sell too badly back in the early 70s. You see them at car shows, and that's about it. That leads me to wonder where this example I spotted at an East Bay self-service wrecking yard has been hiding all these years. It looks like the interior is… »6/05/08 3:00pm6/05/08 3:00pm

PCH, Rotary Swap Hell Edition: Honda 600 or Toyota Starlet?

Technically, the Peugeot Mi16 beat the Mercedes-Benz 6.9 in last Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll, but we're talking 327 to 317 votes here. When all is said and done, however, France still needs to take on Britain in a PCH Superpower Challenge... but we're postponing that apocalyptic battle for another day, because… »4/07/08 5:15pm4/07/08 5:15pm

PCH, Truck Bed Edition: Honda 600amino or Dodge Vanpage?

A French hydropneumatically-suspended diesel managed to win a photo finish against a V8-powered Malaise Lotus in our last Choose Your Eternity poll, which means we'll need to have another English Channel Hell Project Battle right soon. But today we need to go to the PCH Tipster Mailbag (which, sorry to say, I haven't… »1/28/08 5:45pm1/28/08 5:45pm