Google Glass-Wearing Pit Crew Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To Indy

Very few things can faithfully encapsulate the organized chaos that is a real, professional pit-stop. Maybe an Ethiopian intersection, but that's about it. Graham Rahal's IndyCar team decided to do their best at just that, by affixing members of their pit crew team with the all-seeing Google Glass. »5/07/14 10:06am5/07/14 10:06am

How Google Glass Will Save Car Enthusiasts From Extinction

"Computers are killing the automotive hobby!" Car geeks say this with defeatist disdain; tech nerds utter it with futurist superiority. Thing is, they're both wrong. Virtual reality and wearable tech could very well save hobbyist mechanics from becoming the 21st century's horseshoe installers. Here's how. »1/21/14 4:26pm1/21/14 4:26pm

Five Reasons Why Google Glass Could Be Great For Gearheads

Sure, you'll probably look a bit like a tool wearing them, and West Virginia's already banned their use while driving, but even so I think Google Glass (Google's reality-augmenting spectacles project, for those unaware) can offer a great deal to car lovers, both while driving and otherwise. So far, I've got five… »4/19/13 2:20pm4/19/13 2:20pm