Geely GT Concept Looks Sharp, Apparently Real

When we first saw pics of the Geely GT we were impressed, being able to appreciate the design without having to worry too much about the provenance. Though it probably doesn't have a motor and is almost certainly held together with duct tape and gum, it beats the hell out of a Beauty Leopard. No word on whether this… » 4/22/08 9:40am 4/22/08 9:40am

Geely Bringing King Kong, 22 Other New Models to Beijing

Geely is planning to debut 23 new models at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. In addition to the new GT coupe and CE hatch, the Chinese company will be unveiling the NL mid-size SUV shown above, the HE minivan, GE SUV and FC-1, FC-2 and FC-3 sedans.

» 4/11/08 2:20pm 4/11/08 2:20pm